"Paul Shirley tells great stories—not only on dates but also in this funny and utterly charming collection. I would encourage as many people as possible to date Paul Shirley, read this book, or do both."

Jonathan Eig 

New York Times best-selling author of

Ali: A Life and Luckiest Man

“I’m sure at some point Paul Shirley—former NBA journeyman—thought he was destined for basketball greatness. He wasn’t, and thank goodness. Because his hoops shortcomings brought forth literary genius. ‘Stories I Tell On Dates’ is a the most engrossing, honest memoir I have ever read—equal parts hilarious, heartbreaking, cringe-inducing, and triumphant. I found myself laughing aloud one minute, blushing with embarrassment (Paul’s embarrassment) the next. Simply put: I love this book."

Jeff Pearlman

New York Times-bestselling author of

Sweetness and Boys Will Be Boys

"If falling in love requires us to reveal who we really are, it’s no wonder the brave and funny stories Paul Shirley tells on his dates tell us something about ourselves, too, in all of our ridiculousness and humanity. As Shirley travels the world trying to get both the girl and the NBA team to love him back, we’re treated to a hilarious but moving tale of how we find our way to adulthood."

Lori Gottlieb

New York Times-bestselling author of Marry Him and New York Magazine’s advice column, “What Your Therapist Really Thinks”

"What I love about this book is how funny and earnest it is. It’s not a snarky look at life but instead a celebration of what happens when you deeply wish to invest in something or someone that doesn’t want to do the same."

Justin Halpern

New York Times-bestselling author of

Sh*t My Dad Says and I Suck At Girls

"There’s plenty of basketball reminiscing, including the night Scottie Pippen gave Shirley an assist he’ll remember forever. But you get the feeling Shirley’s life would be just as interesting via his retelling if he were a 6-foot-10 CPA"

David Aldridge


"Endearing, charming and very funny, Stories I Tell On Dates is a refreshing read from a former jock who's not afraid to cry and not afraid to write about it."

—Gloria Fallon 

author, humorist, sister to Jimmy

"Unlike most dates, Stories I Tell On Dates is never boring and always leaves you satisfied. Paul’s tales are charming, funny, and touching, and they add up to a poignant portrait of a unique life. What I’m saying is: I want to go on a date with Paul."

Matteson Perry

Two-time Moth Storytelling Grandslam Champion and author of Available: A Memoir of Heartbreak, Hookups, Love, and Brunch

"It is sometimes difficult to find words that capture the complexities of lived experiences. That is not the case with Paul Shirley. This book is a beautifully written collection of cleverly entertaining stories about life and its triumphs and tribulations. Heartwarming and funny, everyone is certain to relate in a personal and meaningful way."

Liana Georgoulis

host, On The Couch with Dr. Liana